As a world leader in modular robotics, Flexible Robotic Environment (FRE™) services unique high-tech markets. Such markets include:

  • Laser material additive Applications
  • Laser material subtractive Applications
  • Direct Write Applications
  • Cold Spray Systems
  • Jewelry Polishing Applications
  • Material Removal Applications
  • Ultrasound Modular Inspection Applications
  • Aircraft Substructure Drilling Applications

Being in a position to service high-technology markets, FRE™ occupies a unique position within the electromechanical systems industry by providing turn-key and comprehensive industrial solutions.

Allowing for active shaping of a work-space FRE™ also provides a distinctive approach to integration. This is characterized by the use of advanced ModusCAM™ 3D path planning software that supports spatial distribution of degrees of freedom that is a fundament of modular robotics.

In short, FRE™ promotes strategic influence in general motion applications that is reflected by the company's principal capability to create and integrate.

Our Partners

  • aerotech
  • solidworks
  • ED