VDK 7000 Cold Spray Unit for Automotive Industry

Five Degrees of Freedom

VDK 7000 System Characteristics

  1. Flexible Robotic Environment (FRE™) 3 Degree of Freedom (3DOF) space distributed capabilities with X, Y and Z on bridge. - All DOF are scalable and interchangeable thus a proposed work-space configuration can be changed before the installation.
  2. Fully capable of synchronously manipulating a cold spray probe in 3D, thus achieving full orientation and positioning of the head with respect to the work-piece. - Inverse kinematics algorithms that are supplied by the system allow for seamless synchronous 3D motion of all 3 DOF.
  3. Motion capabilities in world, joint, and user frames ensured by proprietary inverse kinematics algorithms. - System can be moved in various ways, ranging from moving individual DOF to motion that is defined with respect to a coordinate frame that is attached at the tip of the cold spray nozzle.
  4. Unit comes with a ready to hook-up dust collecting capabilities.
  5. Unit comes with a loading cart, ready to accept masked pallets
  6. Unit comes with a cold-spray system
  7. Accelerations of 0.5 g at 100% duty cycle
  8. Fully enclosed device in a sound-proof booth in full compliance with robotic safety standards. - VDK 7000 is enclosed inside a sound-proof booth with interlocked doors attached to a PICO safety controller.
  9. Motors/Gearheads in support of linear and rotational motion stages
  10. Limit Switches
  11. Cable Carriers
  12. Dust protection covers on Y, X and Z axes.
  13. Step/Direction Drives
  14. Travel velocity of the end - effector of 1.0 m/s
  15. Capable of accepting I/O from cold spray peripheral control unit - VDK 7000 comes fully integrated with the cold spray equipment. Control of such cold spray equipment is performed through MMI and/or path planning interface
  16. SCADA based dedicated MMI to cold spray applications. - A custom made Man Machine Interface comes with VDK 7000. This interface is user friendly and it is used to run/test the motion as well as process. Customer is able to modify the original MMI upon request in order to accommodate their specific needs.
  17. OPC Client/Server capabilities - Through this specific communication protocol, one is able to easily diagnose and test the whole system functionality.
  18. A2 industrial PC controller - We manufacture our own industrial controller, thus we control hardware as well as software system realization.
  19. Digital I/O cards
  20. Analogue I/O cards
  21. Intel Pentium M 2.0 GHz
  22. USB 2.0 x 4
  23. Capability to work with or without HD
  24. Capability to run just off a Compact Flash card
  25. Ethernet, Internet
  26. Desk top 4MG RAM computer with two monitors
  27. Separate enclosure containing A2 and drives
  28. DDS card 6 axes PC Interface Card with:
  29. 30-bit quadrature decoder counter
  30. 32-bit Burst generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)
  31. 64 Digital Inputs/Outputs (Reset, Enable, Direction, Fault signals)
  32. RS 485/232 interface Galvanic isolated
  33. 2D CAD-To-Motion Capabilities to include:
  34. Interface with a commercial CAD package (SOLIDWORKS) - System comes with full motion planning capabilities ModusCAM. Thus CAD/CAM capabilities are enable through SOLIDWORKS and uniquely designed Application Programming Interface that allows the user to create machine paths in minutes directly from SOLIDWORKS environment.
  35. User defined 3D path planning capabilities directly performed on the 3D CAD model (capabilities to path plan in graphical mode).
  36. Capability of accepting process parameters and associating those with path - While path planning, the user can designate certain system and process functions directly within the SOLIDWORKS environment. Such functions might be, cold-spray on/off at certain path points, temperature settings at certain path points, tool orientation etc.
  37. Slicing capabilities enabling part build - User can define surfaces that can be used to build a part or a segment on a part. Such surfaces can be offset with respect to one another. The angles of spray per surface can also be changed.
  38. Path creation on local user defined surface - Path can be created as a single line, or it can be created as a mesh to cover a selected surfaced on the part designated for spraying.
  39. Import of 3D scans
  40. Capability of "stretch/scale" 2D on a 3D surface and producing a path. - System allows cold spray of various pre-defined patterns (user created) onto given or scanned surfaces that belong to other parts.
  41. Capability of performing "cold spray" commands such as cross-hatching, concentric paths etc.
  42. Capabilities of orienting cold spray head with respect to the normal that is defined with respect the part's surface at a given point.

- Additional VDK7000 units can form a basic automatic line.
- Automatic loader and un-loader to accommodate 3 VDK7000 units.

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