VDK 3000 Laser Deposition System

Six Degrees of Freedom

VDK 3000 is a Flexible Robotic Environment 6 DOF laser deposition system. The system's main capability is to deposit various materials in order to build parts, repair existing parts, and/or perform cladding operations.

In addition, VDK 3000 is a developed laser additive manufacturing (m-LAM) system for production of surface modifications of prosthetic devices (on the 100 micron scale) to accelerate osteointegration.

The system's basic characteristics are:

  • 300 W Fiber Laser
  • Inert Gas Chamber
  • CAD-to-motion path planning capabilities
  • Powder Delivery

Some VDK 3000 applications are:

  • Bio-medical Devices
  • Air Seal Repair
  • Glass Dome Scribing
  • Electronics (High RF connections & vias)
  • Ceramic etching
  • Conductive Metal Inlays

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