VDK 1000 Jewelry Processing System

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VDK 1000 Jewelry Processing System is a robotic ring polishing unit that creates multifaceted advantages within an existing precious metal ring manufacturing process. VDK 1000 is a part of a new technology that radiates its benefits throughout the manufacturing system.

Advantages of VDK1000

  • VDK 1000 is a flexible piece of robotic equipment with over 30 ring-style dependent adjustable parameters all intended to provide maximum production quality and production optimization.
  • VDK 1000 is designed to mimic all manual operator motions on the polishing wheel thus it is capable of copying in an one-to-one ratio any technology that is currently used on specific ring shanks.
  • VDK 1000 is designed to accept standard polishing wheels and rouges thus enabling inside/outside multi-stage polishing processes that again may be dictated by a type of metal processed and/or required manual technology.
  • VDK 1000 is designed for controlled and consistent rouge application thus minimizing considerably after-process washing requirements.
  • VDK 1000 is an open architecture system, meaning that almost all software and/or hardware modifications are possible in order to ease the integration process following specific customer's needs.
  • VDK 1000 does not take any pauses during operations thus its performance advantage becomes stronger over time in absence of: a) lunch, b) wash, c) bathroom, d) logistic and other breaks. Thus, VDK 1000 operates 9 h during a shift short of normal attendance times that are also very small.
  • VDK 1000 can answer customer's high quality production standards for gold, silver, and/or platinum rings

VDK 1000 is the first in the world Flexible Robotic Environment (FRE™) high-tech piece of machinery dedicated towards jewelry manufacturing process bringing structure and indirect/direct benefits to the existing, normally manual, manufacturing.

Benefits to Manufacturing Process

  • Production consistency
  • Lower production costs
  • Overall ring manufacturing time reduction by 25% - 35%, allowing for an increase of productivity
  • Recuperation of ~100% of precious metal waste
  • Controlled removal of precious metal
  • Keeping track of the amount of precious metal
  • Reduction of the amount of airborne metal and rouge particles
  • Reduction of multi-shift work requirements
  • Increase of efficiency and technological stability

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