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For robotic applications, A2 is typically equipped with modules which use DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) with 32-bit resolution of frequency range from 0.01 Hz to 10 MHz accompanied with 30-bit counter for position decoding from incremental quadrature encoders up to 6 MHz. One module can simultaneously control up to 6 channels, which allows up to 6 degrees of freedom for the robot. One 19” A2 can support up to 8 modules

  • DDS 6 axes SOLOIST/PC Interface
  • 30-bit quadrature decoder counter
  • 32-bit Burst generator (Direct Digital Synthesis)
  • 64 Digital Inputs/Outputs (Reset, Enable, Direction, Fault signals)
  • RS 485/232 interface Galvanic isolated

This board has been designed and manufactured in order to control digital servo drives used in robotics and similar applications. It is assumed that Step/Direction approach is being used here predominantly. It should be mentioned that, other than this unit, there are no 6 axis Industrial PC based boards available on the market today.

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