Inverse Kinematics Algorithm

Bicommerce's proprietary and patented motion software that is running on WINDOWS CE operating system is supporting modular Flexible Robotic Environment hardware concept.

Developed recursive direct and inverse kinematics algorithms that support even redundant manipulators are unique in the robotic market today.

Software supports the motion in all standard robotic coordinate frames including polar configuration.

Motion algorithms are realized through the IEC61131 standard allowing for open architecture approach to motion control realization. With such standard advantage, our software packages are: 1) easily structured, 2) use data-types that reduce programming errors and 3) can be realized in five standardized programming languages even in a mixed form.

Such programming languages are:

  • Instruction List
  • Structured Text
  • Functional Block Diagram
  • Ladder Diagram and
  • Sequential Function Chart

Most complex real time routines are created and integrated with C#

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