FRE Gantry System

How many Degrees of Freedom do you need?

Main advantage of patented Flexible Robotic Concpet (FRE™) is the capability of forming a robot around an applications. Thus, with a combination of linear and rotational motion elements, one is able to shape a work-space dictated exclusively by the customer's needs.

Due to this, our company uses best possible gantry solutions on the market today shown in the pictures below.

In general, FRE™ brings the following mechanical advantages to the user compared to traditional (pedestal) robotic solutions.

FRE™ Advantages to User
Item FRE™ Robot Pedestal Robot
Modular Yes No
Custom Made Robot (LEGO Concept) Yes No
Flexible Degrees of Freedom Yes No
Spatially Distributed Degrees of Freedom Yes No
Low Payload/Large Reach Yes No
Multitude of End-effectors Yes No
Wireless Joystick Capabilities Yes No
PC Based Path Planning Yes No
Flexible/Adaptable Yes Yes/No
Interchangable Axis/Swap Yes No
Scalable Yes No
Works well in Single Line Production Yes Yes
Works well in small working envelopes Yes Yes/No
Shape Workspace Yes No

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