CAD-TO-MOTION Application

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One of the main features of Bicommerce’s Flexible Robotic Environment applications is the path planning program based on an API developed for SOLIDWORKS. This capability, allows the user to path plan in a user friendly setting, while exporting motion files that are specific to the hardware configuration composed in variety of ways in space, and where path-planning is not always intuitive.

ModusCAM™ SOLIDWORKS based API allows the user to:

  • Create a simple path on a given solid
  • Create multiple paths that are necessary to perform cladding on a given solid/part (as for laser deposition)
  • Create slicing models and subsequent paths necessary to create a part given as a solid model.

Creating a 3D Path in Space

Fig 1a. 3D Path; Fig 1b. 3D Path formed on an existing 3D surface

Creating 3D Cladding Paths

Figure 2. Existing part ready for cladding
Figure 3. Selected surfaces for cladding
Figure 4. Cladding surface detail with specified tool orientations
Figure 5. Cladding surface detail indicating specified tool approach planes
Figure 6. Cladding surface detail indicating specified direction of 3D cladding

Creating 3D Slicing Paths

Figure 7. Solid to be created through the slicing process
Figure 8. Sliced solid with defined tool orientations
Figure 9. Sliced Solid – Transparent view with tool orientations and active paths
Figure 10. Sliced Solid with only one selected slicing plane and designated transit paths (red).
Figure 11. All SW path planning results in a motion path that is recognized by the system

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