What is FRE™?

Flexible Robotic Environment

The FRE™ is a robotic solution that combines mechanical and motor/drive components with proprietary hardware, software and controls. The end result is a cost-effective, highly innovative, configurable, and interchangeable multi-degree-of-freedom (DOF) robotic package that can be applied in a multitude of manufacturing applications today.

Every FRE™ system comes with a combination of linear elements and rotational gimbal units. With these elements you will be able to form various configurations that may operate together, or be distributed in space, all functioning under the same controller. In other words, you may custom create and shape the spatial working envelope of a mechanism that best fits your particular application.

Now with only a few components we can help you quickly customize a robotic application. Our products allow you to build your own robotic solution around an application instead of building the application around the robot!

About Flexible Robotic Environment

The FRE™ modular technology includes the following basic elements:

  • Gantry and Linear Motion: Gantry systems utilizing precision linear motion motors of your choice for long movements
  • Gimbal and Rotational Motion: Custom designed three degree of freedom Gimbal providing fluid motion for the rotational moves.
  • Signal Processing: A proprietary Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) 6-axes Drive board that is PC-based and is the only one available on the market today.
  • Controller:Running on a real time Windows CE platform, the open architecture A2 Controller or A7 Controller is easy to integrate in a network using common operating systems such as LAN, USB, RS-232, RS-485, GSM, wireless LAN and or ZigBee.
  • Software: Every FRE™ system comes with a custom-made Man Machine Interface (MMI) supporting the modular FRE concept. Easily programmed the MMI will be created with various complexities oriented towards satisfying your project requirements. This software’s recursive direct and inverse kinematics algorithms will support even redundant manipulators creating a unique robotic system. In addition, the ModusCAM™ SOLIDWORKS API was developed for path planning for your application.

Such a modular robotic concept can be used to create various robotic systems including redundant robotic solutions.

Operational examples of this technology are:

  • VDK 3000 Inside
  • VDK 4000 Different Angle
  • VDK 3000
  • VDK 2000


The SOLIDWORKS based ModusCAM ™ application programming interface (API) is a main path planning feature for the FRE. This capability allows the user to map to coordinates in a user-friendly setting, while exporting motion files that are specific to the robotic hardware. The SOLIDWORKS based API allows the user to create motion paths in one of three ways:

  • Create a 3D path in space: create a simple path on a given solid.
  • Create 3D cladding path on surface: create the multiple paths necessary for cladding on a given solid/part.
  • Create a 3D slicing path on planes: create slicing path to create a part given as a solid model.

API features also enable 3D Printing capabilities.

With our help, you may create your own modular, open architecture robotic system. Giving you the ability to expand and/or upgrade with ease allowing the control of even redundant robotic solutions. With this framework you will be able to scale up with ease and effortlessly program the graphical interfaces moving your product quickly to market.

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