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    Flexible Robotic Environment (Bicommerce, LLC) is a South Dakota company specializing in modular robotics. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturer's with unique and patented robotic solutions by building a robot around any application.

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    We have several products that demonstrate how Flexible Robotic Environment can adapt our technology to fit your needs. Our modular solutions help customer to shape their own working envelope according to specific needs.

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    Each robotic application comes complete with the robotic environment, the controller, software, installation, training, and support. Please contact us for more details.

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Featured Product: VDK 7000 Robotic Cell for Food Industry

Flexible Robotics Environment, (FRE™) announces the creation of VDK 7000 robotic cell for food industry. Six degree of freedom VDK 7000 center provides a unique vision-based solution capable of detecting changes in size and shape of a product. Such vision data is subsequently used to adjust, in real-time, robot’s ideal path that was created with MoDusCAM™. This solution is suited for fast packing applications, but it can also be deployed for related applications such as load/unload or machine tending operations. Just recently VDK 7000 solution was awarded a second price in the Best Innovation category at 2018 International Tech Fair in Belgrade.

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