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    Flexible Robotic Environment (Bicommerce, LLC) is a South Dakota company specializing in modular robotics. We provide Original Equipment Manufacturer's with unique and patented robotic solutions by building a robot around any application.

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    We have several products that demonstrate how Flexible Robotic Environment can adapt our technology to fit your needs. Our modular solutions help customer to shape their own working envelope according to specific needs.

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    Each robotic application comes complete with the robotic environment, the controller, software, installation, training, and support. Please contact us for more details.

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Featured Product: VDK4000 Direct Write System

A 6 Degree of Freedom FRE with ModusCAM 3D Printing Path Planning Software

Present direct write technology is primarily intended to print on flat or near flat substrates.

With the VDK 4000 direct write system printing can be done on an extremely complex 3D substrate without defocusing the deposition or the need for manual movement of the deposition head. This allows for more accurate depositions to be made with much lower part finish times.

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